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NOTE:  I will be spending the last few weeks in May and and the first few weeks in June, researching and updating the Compendium 1, and hopefully completing Compendium 2.  As a result, I will only be able to work with new clients through mid May, and then again towards the end of June. During that time however, I will continue to support existing clients with tweaks to their Plans, reviewing test results, emails and other needs as they arise.  

Posted June 17th: I was diverted these last few weeks doing "projects" with others; I am still struggling to find time to finish up Compendium 2.  If you have emailed, and I have not responded, please resend your email.  Projects are waning now until the end of the summer, and I am doing my best to respond to emails and set up appointments.

At Life Zone Wellness we incorporate the principles of Functional Medicine, individual genetics, a robust knowledge of biochemical pathways, a comprehensive health history and cutting edge testing, to provide you with an individualized health plan.  The individualized health plan is also based on a 2 1/2 to 3 hour Initial Consulation to gather additional data beyond what can be written in a questionaire, held in-person, via Skype or telephone.   We will also review your SNPs and discuss.  After the Initial Consultation, you will be receiving your Initial Individualized Plan.  Lately, the Plan may take a few days to complete/get to you after we have the Consultation.  The Initial Individualized Plan will be tweaked over time, based on test results and health improvments.  The goal is to address each biochemical pathway via dietary/lifestyle changes and to ramp up nutrients slowly in a particular order.  Then, when health is re-established, to reduce supplements to a minimum, keeping dietary/lifestyle changes in place.  The process typically covers 6 months, with follow-up and interim "touching base" when needed. Some folks require less time; some more.

We recognize biochemical individuality, based on "expressing" single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).  Testing such as the GI Effects test, the NutrEval test, OATs and others shed light on how your body's genetics are expressing and reacting to your particular environment, foods, exposures, viruses, bacteria, toxins and stress and more.  Our "whole" approach to collecting and analyzing all of the information discussed above, gives us a unique overall perspective (not silo) and allows us to suggest foundational nutrient, lifestyle and dietary changes to optimize your health and body's ability to heal and "right itself".

Remember, the likes of chemicals SSRIs, PPIs, etc, are not nutrients/molecules that our bodies utilize to maintain healthy homeostasis.  They address symptoms and not underlying causes.  By providing foundational nutrients, layering-in customized methylation support at the proper time, supporting digestion/assimilation of foods, supporting mitochondrial and membrane function, supporting balanced neurotransmitters, and more, are what are bodies require to maintain healthy homeostasis.



  Some of the Services & Assessments offered are ;

* Nutritional Status needs analysis to achieve normal physiological function.  Assessment may include appropriate functional testing via


Genova Diagnostic                               Cyrex                                                  


SpectraCell                                           Precision Hormones




* Observations from case history, anthropomorphic measurements, physical signs, laboratory tests, and nutrition/lifestyle analysis.


* Referral to licensed physicians or other health care professionals as needed.


* MTHFR Variant Report Analysis and Review


* Lifestyle & Diet modifications


We also offer advanced education via

* Webinars,  Seminars & Training CDs


 NEWS & Offers

~ Sterling App, version 2.3 has been released.  The App is priced at only $30 for many SNPs.  This new App includes additional G6PD, H6PD and new histamine SNPs.  Its >50 pages, but well worth it, especially if you experience waxing and waning health issues that are difficult to "pin down".


~ After running you Variant report via Serlings App,  consider a profile of your gut microbiome via uBiome.  This swab DNA test will give detailed information about the micro-organisms that live in the various locations of your body.  They offer analysis of 5 key locations (e.g., GI, nasal, etc)

To receive a 10% discount, use the link

Here is a short Utube video:


~ Lack of proper methylation during fetal development, is at the root of cleft palate development, among other things. Operation Smile is a volunteer group of Dr.s and nurses who provide surgery to repair cleft palates. I am pledging 5% of my income to Operation Smile.  If you are like minded, please call 1-888-322-1583.  Having the surgery to repair a cleft palates changes a child's life!! 

The surgery is done by volunteer plastic surgeons, and the cost per child is $240.  Thank you!  You can also mail a check to:

Operation Smile

3641 Faculty Blvd

Virginia Beach, VA  23453






The SNPBit Compendium Book 1 - ORDER HERE!


The SNPBit Compendium 1 is your Go-To reference for SNP information without the need for individual online SNP searches.  Included for each SNP are Overviews for a quickie SNP summary, cited research links for a detailed SNP look, and sections called, "Our Two Cents", which include clinical pearls from our Practitioner's perspective. Catalytic activity, and Nutrient and Non-nutrient cofactors are also included with each enzyme/SNP summary.  Where applicable, Pathway drawings are also included.  The drawings serve to visually place individual enzymes/SNPs into their enzymatic pathways for easy association to your Variant Report.

This information is formatted in an easy to understand dictionary style.

We recommend printing out the Pathways as a reference when reviewing your individual SNPs.

The Compendium 1 is currently 330 pages and includes the following SNP categories:

- Phase 1 and 2 Liver Detox SNPs

- Methylation SNPs

- Alcohol SNPs

- Histamine SNPs

- Neurotransmitter SNPs

- Mitochondrial SNPs (Electron Transport Chain)

This SNPBit Compendium 1 is a compilation of four years of research gathered by Sterling and Cynthia, and our associate Carolyn Ledowsky.

The current SNPBit Compendium 1 will be updated shortly.  Its next edition will include updates to the current enzymes/SNPs, additional sections/pathways such as the Pentose Phosphate Pathway, and more.

A future SNPBit Compendium (e.g., SNPBit Compendium 2) will include SNPs associated with vaccines and their excipients.   

Another future SNPBit Compendium (e.g., SNPBit Compendium 3) will include hundreds of immune system SNPs, GI associated SNPs, and groupings of SNPs associated with particular auto-immune conditions.  I am targeting the end of March to begin updating the SNPBit Compendium 1, followed by compiling the SNPBit Compendium 2 associated with vaccines and their incipients.  


Intro to SNP Info Slides
Microsoft Power Point presentation [17.6 MB]
A Case Study of Blood Brain Barrier Autoimmune Response; mimics Alzheimer's diagnosis
Microsoft Power Point presentation [13.8 MB]
GI and Auto-Immune Slides
Microsoft Power Point presentation [33.9 MB]

Stay tuned to for upcoming radio blogs.

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