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What is a Variant Report?

A Variant Report is a listing of Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs), derived from the raw data results of 23andMe saliva testing, and generated via a software tool.   The most comprehensive and well researched Variant Report can be obtained via, using Sterlings App.  The Variant Report is organized into groups of SNPs, including Phase I and Phase II liver detoxification SNPs, IgE, IgA, and IgG SNPs, Methylation SNPs, Mitochondrial Electron Transport Chain SNPs, and others.



The SNPBit Compendium Book 1 - ORDER HERE!



The Compendium 1 is currently 330 pages and includes the following SNP categories:

- Phase 1 and 2 Liver Detox SNPs

- Methylation SNPs

- Alcohol SNPs

- Histamine SNPs

- Neurotransmitter SNPs

- Mitochondrial SNPs (Electron Transport Chain)

This SNPBit Compendium 1 is a compilation of four years of research gathered by Sterling and Cynthia, and our associate Carolyn Ledowsky.

The current SNPBit Compendium 1 will be updated shortly.  Its next edition will include updates to the current enzymes/SNPs, additional sections/pathways such as the Pentose Phosphate Pathway, and more.



Intro to SNP Info Slides
Microsoft Power Point presentation [17.6 MB]
A Case Study of Blood Brain Barrier Autoimmune Response; mimics Alzheimer's diagnosis
Microsoft Power Point presentation [13.8 MB]
GI and Auto-Immune Slides
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