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Your Life Style Educator (LE) will discuss your Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ) with you, take anthropometric measurements, and run a Bio-impedance Analysis (body composition and cell membrane health). Next your LE will construct a timeline that includes childhood illnesses, family history, estrogen/progesterone related illnesses (e.g. fibroids, ovarian cysts, PMS, family history of estrogen related cancers, difficulty conceiving, miscarriages etc.), potential trigger(s) of your hormone issues, and life circumstances occurring around the time things began going awry.

The timeline takes about 30-minutes to complete. It may be augmented during subsequent visits.


Based on all of the information, your LE will collaborate with you on a wellness plan. Specific dietary changes and targeted nutrients will be suggested. The pace of executing your wellness plan will be tailored.

At Life Zone Wellness we do not advocate extreme diet plans or excessive supplementation. Rather, we believe that the key to healthy brain and body function includes removing external factors/triggers that are underlying your health issues, and identifying and repleting those “body-familiar” nutrients that have been depleted. Client education is key to your recovery! No prescription drugs are utilized.

Hormone issues are best addressed when we identify, and then optimize function of specific Phase II liver detoxification pathway enzymes.  Those enzymes are responsible for breakdown/clearing of our used hormones. It is very common for 1,2, or 3 of the those enzymes  (e.g., Methylation, Sulfation, Glucuronidation enzymes) to be genetically "broken" or downregulated.  In that case, dangerous intermediate hormone metabolites may recirculate as they await processing by their associated enzymes.  Our genetics, however, are not our destiny. With proper emphasis on targeted foods and nutrients, and overall digestive health, we can affect how our bodies express our genetics in a positive way. Further, the connection between hormone breakdown/clearing and mood/depression may be linked to methylation, MAO, COMT and/or GAD genetically inherited enzymes. So for example, a woman with fibrocystic breasts may have inherited a methylation enzyme issue that can be addressed with methylation support nutrients. Similarly, a woman who craves carbs to generate serotonin when she has PMS may find relief via nutrient support to boost her serotonin enzyme pathway (MAO co-enzyme support). A person, who experiences anxiety issues, may need co-enzyme nutrient support for the enzyme GAD that converts the excitatory neurotransmitter glutamate, to calming GABA. 

If circumstances warrant, you may be referred to a Functional Medical Doctor for specialized testing. 


The SNPBit Compendium Book 1 - ORDER HERE!



The Compendium 1 is currently 330 pages and includes the following SNP categories:

- Phase 1 and 2 Liver Detox SNPs

- Methylation SNPs

- Alcohol SNPs

- Histamine SNPs

- Neurotransmitter SNPs

- Mitochondrial SNPs (Electron Transport Chain)

This SNPBit Compendium 1 is a compilation of four years of research gathered by Sterling and Cynthia, and our associate Carolyn Ledowsky.

The current SNPBit Compendium 1 will be updated shortly.  Its next edition will include updates to the current enzymes/SNPs, additional sections/pathways such as the Pentose Phosphate Pathway, and more.



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A Case Study of Blood Brain Barrier Autoimmune Response; mimics Alzheimer's diagnosis
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